The Enigma is a legendary performer particularly at music festivals and tattoo conventions. His show is based on circus and tattoo culture which defines pop culture today. Cultivating audiences for over 20 years around the globe, The Enigma has literally changed the face of live entertainment.

   A founding member of Jim Rose Circus, The Enigma has toured the world many times over performing at festivals, theaters, and rock venues. i.e. Nine Inch Nails tour of the US, highest grossing show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival two years in a row, opening for David Bowie, etc.. Making his Prime Time television debut on the X-files in '95, The Enigma has been on many talk shows and breakfast news shows around the world.

"Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" and Guinness World Records have also carried his image.

   Coming from a background of classical piano and stage magic, The Enigma's live show includes the best possible traditional stunts. Being an innovator of the bizarre, The Enigma also produces stunts none has ever seen. All of the original music backing the show and the odd humor allow audiences to breathe and adds to The Enigma as an identifiable character. The Enigma has been on the cover of many tattoo magazines, setting the example for extreme body modification. Featured twice in National Geographic Magazine, 1995 and 2004, The Enigma gets hard news stories about his shows published in advance of his debuts. The Enigma has not stopped covering new ground, breaking into the comic book arena as well as monster truck rallies and school anti bully lectures.

   When you think of extreme, wild, out of this world entertainers, The Enigma stands out as the leader of his art form. He is an historic legend in body modification, circus sideshow, and tattooing, and leads the pack in that “do it yourself” renasaince style. As a refined talent of over 20 years in the business you can see that he continues to amaze and inspire. The Enigma's cult status and huge following will grow organically over the years as he constantly gives to the art world.